Luke Warm Reception…

3 Jun

Luke Warm Reception….

Not exactly the warm reception I was hoping for but hey, it is what it is. Not that I was expecting a home coming parade and marching band but I did think folks would be a little more excited about this social experiment than they are. Men are always proclaiming how wrong they are being portrayed, how good they are and oh, yeah, I take care of my kids. (News flash: you’re supposed to.) But when I start talking about how I am going to go out canvassing for all of their fellow brethren and asking suggestion as to where all of the good brothers are; suspiciously, the room falls deafeningly silent. I would say I could hear a pin drop, except for it was being covered by the one brother in the room laughing hysterically at my naïveté. I see you brother. LOL!

And the woman; well lets just say, I’m not surprised but I am a little hurt. I knew they would be disagreeable and I knew some sisters wouldn’t be feeling me. I knew I’d get some stares or silent petitions but I thought at the least that there would be some women out there holding out hope that I would succeed. Because honestly doesn’t my success represent that there would in fact be a Good Black Man out there for a woman who truly desires one.

Well, it’s like showing up to your birthday party all pimped out and no one is there but the DJ and caterer and they just showed up because they’re getting paid! It’s disappointing. But I am not deterred. I committed 12 weeks and I’m giving it 12 weeks. I am convinced that there are good black men out here and I am going to prove to the skeptics that they are.

So off I go! Wish me luck. Or not…


One Response to “Luke Warm Reception…”

  1. Ava June 7, 2009 at 11:40 pm #

    Okay, my response is super late, but better late than never!!! Luv you gurl!!! I love the website and even more, I love the premise behind it, because we are all getting the bad wrap!!
    You know I wish you the best of luck and support you 100%!!

    First off, I hate when I heard black women talk about how bad black men are! That they are all in jail or that they are with white women or they’re gay, whatever. Honestly, the only thing that I hate more is hearing black men say that all black women are ghetto and gold diggers and wear weaves. I personally think that people that have issues with dating within their own race have other issues, but I digress. I don’t have an issue against dating outside your own race, but when you personally exclude your own, I think you have deeper issues other than not being able to find a significant other.

    Now, I have a good black man. We’ve been married a little less than a year and together for over 3. Now, before him, I dated black, white, hispanic, etc. men. I was not a hater, but I did have a certain fondness for the brothers. In my vast dating background, have I been lied to by black men…yep, have I been played by them…yep, cheated on, some have been to jail or were doing something that would have eventually led to jail, some might have been on the DL, whatev! But after so many times of falling for the same MO or going through the same type of drama with different men, I had to ask MYSELF what I was doing wrong? Why was I finding the same type of guys? Why was there always some type of BS attached with them, etc. So…what I’m saying is that if you think that all the black men that you encounter ain’t shit…what type of shit magnet are you putting out there?…I’m just saying!

    On another note, there are alot of good black men out there. I have one (I can say it twice!! I know what I’m working with!!), I know some, but you need to ask yourself what is your definition of “good”? Are they only good if they went to college and work downtown or drive a certain car or if they’re a certain height and all your friends think he looks good? What are your values and your requirements? Are you settling for bullshit because he pays for dinner and he can lay the pipe like no other guy? What are you bringing to the table? Are you looking to be “saved” or are you trying to build something with somebody? Lets be honest with ourselves and get to the real as to why you can’t find a “good” black man!

    There are faults with men of all races…the same thing applies to women too! Sometimes a little dose of checking yourself may apply…if you actually choose to do the work!

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