Fraternal Graduate/Alumni Chapters

9 Jun

Remember School Daze? Stomp the Yard? Drum Line? Those are just some of the movies that depict the African American college experience; specifically the Greek Fraternity. Though I’ve heard arguments that Black Greek’s haven’t been accurately portrayed, Hollywood is no less fascinated with this historically rich part of our ancestry. Who doesn’t remember step shows on the Quad, Hell week, fraternities and sororities strolling the entire night through college parties chanting loudly and with well deserved pride? Not to mention being the envy of those who didn’t make the cut? Surely you can recount that “Special Line” that crossed at 12:01 am on the Yard with a certain flair that did it like no other or the guy who made you swear off an entire fraternity because his swag was just that crazy!

This weekend I had the distinct privilege to be invited to the Alpha Phi Alpha House Party Fundraiser Event and I wasn’t sure what I was going to see. To my surprise, I was apart of none of those things. See, the boys from the college days of yester-year have grown into men of today and I must say that I liked what I saw!

(Now before I continue, I am not going to blow smoke up anyone’s arse. J I do know some of these brothers on a personal level; However, I have never been around them where there was music, dancing, WOMEN and liquor so this was a different environment.)

As a 31 year old woman, never in a million years would I have considered a fraternity party a place where mature, dateable men could be found. I think people automatically think step shows, drinking and college pranks when the word fraternity is mentioned, but in this case that was certainly not so.

Undergraduate chapters and graduate/alumi chapters represent men at two different places in their life. Graduate/alumi chapters are made up of men that have either joined a fraternity in college and want to continue the true vision of why fraternities were created in the first place (to promote brotherhood, uplift black men, create leaders and provide service for our communities). Or they are men who didn’t join a fraternity in college and choose to wait until after they finished their degree and join a graduate/alumni chapter.

Why do I take the time to mention these things you ask? So you know the stock of men that are at events such as these. These are men that care about the communities that they live in. Not only do they care but some came back to the communities they came from to give back in their areas of academic expertise or other areas they felt they are needed in the most. If you look at some of their websites, you will see they give out scholarships to send young boys to college, they participate in big brother/little brother programs, they have created outreach programs within inner city neighborhoods, they go to food pantries and feed the homeless and the list goes on.

Now for some it’s important to have a brother who is good looking and believe you me there was PLENTY of eye candy to be seen! (MAN!). I swear there was this one brother that looked just like Morris Chestnut! GOOD LAWD! LOL! And it doesn’t hurt that ALL of these brothers have college experience, most have graduated with at least a four year degree (a requirement when you join in a graduate/alumi chapter) and some have postgraduate degrees. But when you are looking for a quality brother, a desirable quality is a man who has a sense of community. A man who does not think of himself, but who is concerned with the well being of others. A man who will vest his time, money and resources into the cultivation of his community and selflessly give without the intent of receiving. These are the type of MEN that I desire for my list and the type of men that I hope you desire for yourselves as well.

Now, if you weren’t able to make this event, fear not, The List Mistress is on the job! Look back often, as I will be updating my blog with local events from some of the local Graduate/Alumi Fraternity Chapters. Below you will find a list of websites that you can check regularly as they may have updates before I am able to post them.

The List Mistress



Blu Tuesday hosted by
Iota Nu Sigma Chapter
Phi Beta Sigma Chapter

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at the Chaise Lounge from 6pm until

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 at ZED 451, time TBD.


Alpha Phi Alpha

Kappa Alpha Psi

Phi Beta Sigma

Omega Psi Phi


2 Responses to “Fraternal Graduate/Alumni Chapters”

  1. NJoyeLife June 9, 2009 at 5:02 pm #

    Most of the men that I know are masons and/or greek affiliate. I think for the most part this background have made them some of my better male friendships. They have a sense of unity and pride about themselves that I appreciate when I compare them to guys that I know that don’t have these “positive institutions” in their lives.

    Don’t get me wrong, boys will be boys, but the quality of their character is alot richer than their counterparts. I am a sweetheart to Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity and though it’s not greek, it taught me very valuable lessons about comradery, loyalty and trust. Those a good foundations to build any relationship worth having upon.

    As we know, many prominent Black Leaders and entertainers(male & female) have greek affiliations. And those people like Martin Luther King, Jr and Thurgood Marshall(Alpha Phi Alpha), Johnny Cochran & Dr. Bernard Harris (Kappa Alpha Psi), Shirley Chisholm (DST), Coretta Scott King (AKA)…so many have worked to shape us as a nation of people with affluence and equality!

    Biggups to BLACK Frats and Sororities across this nation!!

  2. thehittlist June 9, 2009 at 5:14 pm #

    Joye I would have to agree with you. Not to say that men who are not in Greek fraternities dont possess these qualities but there is a “special” sense of brotherhood and kinship that you can see amongnst those that are. I think this is especially important in our day and age when a lot of kids are growing up without male role models. I am not greek either but know quite a few( male and female) and give big ups also to the ones that proudly and honerably represent their Fraterity and Sorority!

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