Ramblings, Rants & Resolutions

4 Jan

calvin hobbsI don’t mean to be hypocritical. Especially since I just posted yesterday about the 52 things I’m going to do this year to show how awesome I am. However, its only a couple of days into the new year and people are already on my nerve. I look around and I see something to be grateful for in my life everyday..even during the most stressful circumstances. I mean, I am unemployed and living with my ex fiance who broke my heart and screwed me better than a $5 hooker. Seriously, it could not be anymore craptacular. But even still I am subjected to the rants and ramblings of people who would probably complain and bitch and moan about the size of a snowflake or the earth being round. Now while I really want to tell them to shut the hell up, I’ve found that the honest approach doesn’t really work. It seems that those most needing to hear the truth are the ones most likely to misinterpret it.

So as I sit and contemplate how to redirect my frustration I’m hit with something kinda profound ( if I do say so myself..and I do. LOL). Its the new year naturally most people are inclined to make a resolution of some sort. Interestingly enough I keep hearing people reference  2013 as “my year” or the year of never before. From some it feels completely authentic. Like they are really, truly ready to embrace the next phase in lifes journey. I know that is the case for me. From others though, it feels “greedy”. It feels like just another diatribe to the universe claiming “pay what you owe” from those who feel their mere existence dictates they receive something better without actually doing or BEING someone better.
So here is an exercise I want to share with you. Do it or don’t but you might find it helpful.

Step One: Visualize your future. What does it look like? Who is in it? What does a regular day look like in your year of never before and beyond.

Step Two: WHO ARE YOU? Are you kind? Are you peaceful? Are you faithful? Are you joyful? What is the character of the YOU that you see in your year of never before and your future?

Step Three: What are you doing today to become that person that you see in your future? Are you practicing patience, kindness? Are you loving? Are you going to school to get the job that pays for the house in your future? Are you being the woman or man that would be morally, emotionally, financially and physically attractive to the mate you are praying for?

I know sometimes we feel like, its just a matter of time before things “change”. But even Karma has it’s limitations. God isn’t going to drop that life in your lap if you aren’t prepared to nurture it when you get it.


The Mistress of All Things Fabulous


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