Don’t Diss My Douchebag…Please and Thanks.

5 Jan

For those who know me skip down to paragraph three. For those that don’t read on. SOOOO…6 years ago I met this incredible guy (so I thought). I was attracted to him from day one. More than anything though I LOVED talking to him. I mean, from day one we’d stay on the phone for hours talking about anything and everything. Though neither of us was looking for anything serious (he wasn’t), after awhile our casual dating turned into “I think this may be something special.” Initially this was more the case for me than for him; but eventually, begrudgingly we both were equally invested in our relationship. (So I thought).

Over the course of our relationship we endured major crisis’s. Mainly in my life but he being my boyfriend was unhappily along for the ride. I lost my job, lost my house and lost my mind (at least that’s what it felt like). This put a LOT of pressure on our relationship, especially for someone so together and on their shit (him). We broke up, got back together and repeated that song and dance more times than I care to admit. Regardless of who broke up with who (me with him) and who came back for whom (him for me) we both felt that we had something permanent and special. However, after moving in with him (I was skeptical) and getting engaged (he was hesitant) the truth shortly became glaringly obvious. He just wasn’t that into me. Sure wish I would have realized that sooner, but hey…there is a reason and season for everything.

Now the reason doesn’t matter so much as our ability to acknowledge the truth (me and whoever else is reading this right now). And, while NO ONE was more heart broken, distressed and upset than me, I do know that my family and friends who have been rooting for my happily ever after since my first real heartbreak in 1998 were also devastated. But the thing is I think they FORGET that they aren’t going through this, I am.

I don’t have a need to point anyone out because there has been more than one perpetrator. When people feel that they are being helpful, they are actually being hurtful. I have heard ,my ex be referred to as everything short of Hitler. I’ve gotten every comment from I hate him to I feel sorry for him to let’s cut off his testicles and roast them over a fire while taking shots of tequila. Okay, that last one was mine but you get the picture. The point is no one is more aware of his flaws than I am. No one knows better how horrible this feels than I do. No one could possibly be this horrified, frustrated and at moments paralyzed with hurt and humiliation than me. But ask yourself, HOW THE HELL DOES assassinating the character of the man to whom I still battle my own feelings for (right or wrong) and spent the last 6 years declaring my undying love for make me feel better? Let me tell you, it doesn’t. SO KNOCK IT OFF. It’s insensitive and I don’t want to hear it anymore.

ImageIn short, don’t diss my doucebag. In case you didn’t realize, I already know he’s a douchebag so your reminder is more like putting a hot branding iron over the open gash that a rabid dog tore open. If you want to help or support me do so in a way that is actually helpful and supportive. IJS. And remember, that I am a writer and I write this blog.

Some stranger may be reading this wondering why the hell I am airing all of my dirty laundry for the world to see. Why don’t I just post the fun stuff and keep the serious stuff to myself. Well dearest, this is my real life and not a movie. If you are looking for fiction check out Netflix or Redbox. This is my blog and my world and the only rules I’ll abide by here are mine. If I ever feel the need to sugar coat something that will be the last thing I ever write. If you don’t like what you’re reading, there is a little “X” at the top right of your screen that will resolve your problem quite effectively.

With no regrets,

The Mistress of All Things Fabulous (and sometimes the not so fabulous)


3 Responses to “Don’t Diss My Douchebag…Please and Thanks.”

  1. Mrs. Shah January 8, 2013 at 9:23 am #

    Bwahahaha…. Good read. Glad I kept all those comments to myself. Shheeesshh.

    • thehittlist January 8, 2013 at 9:49 am #

      LOL..thank you kindly. 😉

  2. nualapthatsme January 8, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

    You put that very eloquently!!!! The last thing anyone needs to hear while healing from a broken heart is constant bad mouthing of the one who broke their heart.

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