Confucius Says,”Visualize Your Future”

7 Jan

Actually, the Mistress said that. BUT Confucius is decidedly more popular and makes a better blog title. LOL! ANYWAY….

A few days ago, I posted a few questions. Read Rants, Ramblings & Resolutions  for more deets. Anywhos, I posted three questions that everyone should ask themselves if they are expecting a better new year and overall better life. I thought it would be fun and fitting to write my answers down and share it with you guys. Maybe seeing me do it will inspire someone to do it too! I have to tell you, I was TOTALLY amazed AND surprised by my visualization. You know I’m a little verbose so I’ll post them in three parts for the next few days. So without further adieu, here is Step One.

Step One: Visualize your future. What does it look like? Who is in it? What does a regular day look like in your year of never before and beyond.

Okay this part is really important. Find a quiet spot in your home where you can sit comfortably and undisturbed. For me, it was my bed. Once you are comfortable close your eyes. It actually took me a couple minutes to drown out the background noise and allow my heart and head to paint a picture. The only question I asked myself was, “What does my immediate future look like?” I took a couple of deep breathes and eventually the picture began to paint itself.

charming little cottageIt was the end of 2013. The first thing I saw was me in house. A quaint cottage of sorts. It felt like it may have been in a quiet neighborhood. Maybe a suburb but very charming. It was nothing to small but not big either; very comfy and cozy. The kind of house that automatically made you feel at home. (I was smiling as I realized this). Ironically enough it had a walk- in closet in the master bedroom (YES..who put that I was standing in the closet and my hair was in a neat bun pinned to the top of my head. I was wearing a black skirt suit (peplum jacket, pencil skirt, fitted thank you very much) and I had gone in the closet to find a pair of sling backs for work (yes, it was that detailed though I am unsure if they were red bottoms. HA).

As I exited the closet I grabbed a pair of diamond studs from this pretty tray on my night stand. I didn’t feel rushed. I felt like I had somewhere to go. I felt together. I felt in control. I felt happy. 🙂 I slipped on the shoes, grabbed my work bag (it was an actual briefcase) and headed off to work. As I headed towards the stairs, I passed my sons bedroom door and closed it with a silent reminder to make him clean it later (even in my dreams he still doesn’t clean his room unprompted). Note: I wasn’t angry or frustrated with him. (Good sign mom!) I head downstairs to the kitchen to grab a piece of fruit. I have to say my body is still curvy in this awesome visualization but also toned. Apparently, I am exercising and eating right too! (Score). My face is glowing, my body is banging and I feel calm and balanced.

I exit the house through the kitchen where I head to my garage. It’s not attached but hey, I don’t have one now in real life so clearly I’m progressing. LOL. I kick my sons basketball out the way (yes, he’s active in sports now!) and get behind the wheel of my SUV. Now it looks like a Mercedes SUV but I could be wrong. LOL. (Don’t judge me, its my visualization). At this moment, my conscious mind realizes that my bed was empty and I haven’t seen any traces of a man. I glance down at my ring finger in this visualization and it’s empty. Again, I smile. I’m happy, provided for and secure. I’m single but it doesn’t seem to be a concern what so ever. (GROWTH)

Next thing I see is me arriving to work. I’m entering a building and greeting people as I head to the elevator to take me to the office. As I exit the elevator I feel a lot of positive energy. The receptionist shoots me a cheerful hello as I walk back to my office. (An office..haven’t had one of those in years!). The office appears to be one belonging to a mid-sized company. Dare I say an agency of some sort? The people seem friendly (not simply cordial). The corporate culture feels like a good fit for me. As I continue my walk past the cubicles to my office my assistant joins me for the final steps to my office and begins to bring me up to date on my activities for the day. I stop here because I’ve seen enough. I like this life so far. I’m feeling happy. Not just optimistic.

I open my eyes and quickly close them again. I’m curious to see how the rest of my day plays out. Will there be a hot date? Will there be a Mr. Right waiting at home? How will that feel? I easily jump back into the zone and see my self sitting in bed. The lights are out but the bed side lamps are on. My laptop is sitting rested on my lap and I’m writing something. Blogging? Doesn’t feel like it. Speech? Presentation? No. It feels like a book. (OKAY..I swear..this stuff is just coming to me.) I hear a rap on the door and its my son. He looks happy, settled..he looks like a kid with a good life. A kid that can be a kid. (Seriously, I almost cried in real life here. I mean, as a parent this is all I’ve ever wanted). He says he’s done studying (yes) and headed to bed (without provocation) because he has practice in the morning. You need anything? Nope, I’m good goodnight. He closes the door and I return to writing.

At this point I open my eyes. The visualization is done. I’m surprised by a few things. But I’ll go into that later. ALL in ALL. This visualization of my immediate future left me feeling warm, confident and EXTREMELY optimistic.


The Mistress of All Things Fabulous


3 Responses to “Confucius Says,”Visualize Your Future””

  1. nualapthatsme January 8, 2013 at 10:13 pm #

    That left me feeling peaceful.

  2. TheHittList December 16, 2013 at 12:03 pm #

    Reblogged this on The Hitt List and commented:

    Visualization is a very strong tool. After seeing EVERYTHING in my visualization exercise from last year come to fruition, I’ve decided to make this an annual exercise. I’ll be posting the outcome after the first of the year but wanted to share the older post to give you guys some inspiration and direction so you could do it with me this year! Start reflecting back on the year. What you liked, what you didn’t. Start planting a mental picture of what you want to happen in the new year. Remember, a seed only bares fruit if you plant it!

    With love,
    The Mistress of ALL Things Fabulust


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