2 of 52: These Boots Were Made For Walking

20 Jan

rak8Okay, so I am on the fence about rather I should share this or not. Now I’m not trying to get into a religious conversation but it does say in the bible that if you do a good deed only God needs to know about it right? Well, I’m sure God will give me a pass this one time. Especially if it inspires someone else to do SOMETHING for someone else.

Well let me take it back a bit before I get into what awesome thing I scratched off my list.

If you are anything like me and you have access to a TV, computer or cell phone you have noticed  no shortage of violent and unfortunate events being reported in the news. What strikes me though, is how one event seems to have a domino effect for others. For instance, have you ever noticed that when one teen suicide is reported in the news that shortly thereafter it’s all you hear about for weeks. Or one massive school shooting seems to trigger more copycat cowards who unleash their rage and hatred on unexpected communities and families.

Ironically enough, after my own random act of kindness (I’ll get to that in a minute) a friend of mine wrote about something nice she did for a stranger this week. Her comment was, “What if we change the conversation?” Indeed. What if we talk about the good more than the bad. Will it become trendy? Will it catch on? Will copycat humanitarians start cropping up everywhere. Well let’s find out.

Now to be clear, let me just say that I never need an excuse to do something kind for a stranger. I am a kind spirit by nature. I like helping people and I like taking care of people. In my former life I was either a doctor or a wizard. (I’d like to think I was a wizard because they are decidedly more interesting and have cooler powers and dope ass costumes). I added this to my list because I enjoy helping people.

Alright, so what awesome thing did I do? Well it wasn’t the awesome thing that I did, more so the effect that the awesome action had.

The other day I was running errands with my son. We had just pulled out of the parking lot of a store and were about to get on the highway to head back home. As we’re waiting for the light to change I notice a man walking through the cars begging for change. Now, unlike some panhandlers I see  he did actually look homeless. I reached for my purse but then stopped when I saw his sign.  “Single homeless dad, please donate.” Now me being the wise ass that I am started laughing (stay with me, I promise I will redeem myself). My son was like mom, “That’s not nice, why are you laughing.” I said, “If he’s homeless and he’s a single dad where are his kids? I’m a single mom and you’re always with me. That’s how I know he’s lying!”

The light turns, I pull off and my son and I begin our normal discussion about how I choose who to and who not to give money to. (We have this conversation damn near EVERY time we are in the car.) Just as we’re waiting to turn another homeless person catches my eye. However, this time it’s a woman. I gave her the once over. She had on a coat, though it looked ragged it looked liked it’d keep her warm through the winter. She had on pants and gloves and maybe even a hat. I’m not sure because I got distracted when I got to her feet. She had on a pair of socks, sandals and plastic bags covering her feet.

Shit! I was going in the other direction. I was in the middle of traffic and wasn’t there a police camera right here? F*** it. I make a U-turn, sped through the light, pulled up to the corner and prayed I didn’t get caught by the police. My son asks what I’m doing. I tell him that lady doesn’t have warm shoes. He says, well you have lots of shoes in your trunk because you never clean it out so just give her a pair of yours. (Smart Ass. Sweet Kid.). Actually I had already taken my spare wardrobe out my car, so there were no shoes to give. I rolled down my window but was unsure of how to get this ladies attention. Finally, noticing my hesitation he says, “Just call her mom, jeez!” LOL.

Hey lady in the yellow coat, what size shoes do you wear? That caught her attention. She danced across the intersection as I prayed that she wouldn’t get hit for a pair of gently used boots. Size 8 she says. Hey, me too I say. I take off my boots and hand them to her. Oh THANK YOU she says. Clearly grateful and excited! She yells to her friend across the street, “I have some new shoes” and then runs back to rejoin him.

As I pulled back into traffic my son was silent. After a minute, he says mom that was really nice of you. I could tell he was processing it. I could tell that my random act of kindness affected him too. I know my son looks up to me. Admires me. I also knew that just by witnessing this he would then do an awesome thing to be more like me. I wasn’t thinking about my son or my blog when I saw that lady. I was thinking that it gets really cold in Chicago in the winter and that I had something she could use. Even still, I think I got more out of giving that lady my boots than shes does. (PLUS THEY WERE CUYUUUTTTEEEEE!)

“Hey kiddo, this is between me and you okay?” I whisper in a conspiratorial voice. “No problem”, he says.


The Mistress of All Things Fabulous


2 Responses to “2 of 52: These Boots Were Made For Walking”

  1. nualapthatsme January 21, 2013 at 6:50 pm #

    That was very uplifting. I bet the lady in the yellow coat has really warm feet now and dances in them daily.

  2. TASHA JONES (@njones1920) February 12, 2013 at 1:18 pm #

    Awesome, not only am I going to start my bucket list. I am also planning to do a 42 random acts of kindness for my 42nd birthday month(found it on pinterest). I think I am going to have the children do it as well.

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