3 of 52: School Daze

25 Jan

A week ago I went to see my sister perform in a play. I was expecting to hate it but ended up absolutely loving it! There was music, live singing, and spoken word poetry. This play was giving me LIFE honey!

At the end of the play they added something I had never seen before. Once everyone had taken their bow they had actors from their next play come out and perform a few minutes of that play. It was like a live commercial and it was freaking genius.

But the best part was the new play was SCHOOL DAZE, one of my favorite movies of all time. I mean seriously there is comedy,  romance,  singing AND dancing. All the things I love. *Insert light bulb moment*. Maybe this can be another thing to add to my list of 52 things.

The day after the play I was at brunch with my sister in law and she was like you should totally audition for it. Now those who know me from my previous life know that I used to be painfully shy. I mean I will sing now or “P Pop” on a handstand (urban reference..lol) or drop it like its hot in a minute. But back in the day I couldn’t even sing in front of people. I would have to turn my back to my audience and close my eyes. I just did not like to be seen singing or performing at anytime.

Okay so for a little background information, you know how they say those born into money were born with a silver spoon in their mouth? Well, I wasn’t born into a family with money (I’m still partially convinced I’m adopted becasue of this). I was born into a family that had other objects in their mouth at birth. Like musical notes and dance shoes. My family is like the Jacksons minus the skin bleaching and abusive crazy parents. If you were born in my family it guarantees that you can dance, sing, play an instrument, write or do something else extremely talented. Acting included. I was born to perform but had always been afraid to.

ANYWAY..I’ve come far but how far I really wasn’t sure. But this seemed like as good a time as any to find out. And a couple days later I was given my opportunity. So I showed up at the audition and found out the only part left was as a dancers for the “Naturals”. I was really hoping to audition to sing but relieved to not have to be subjected to that scrutiny.

My relief however was short lived when the head choreographer asked “So what piece do you have prepared to perform for us?”. Say what? Apparently when you audition for dancing roles you’re supposed to have something prepared. I didn’t have shit prepared. At this point my heart starts racing, my palms start sweating and I’m seriously considering leaving out the back door instead of changing into dance clothes.

20130124_202256-1[1]But my pride and desire to cross another thing off my list won out. I headed to change and flipped through the music on my phone looking for something to dance to. I settled on Willow Smith “I Whip My Hair” and whipped up a dance covering 64 bars.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d rate my nerves at an 8. I didn’t feel like I’d faint but vomiting was another story. (I know..TMI). I CAN DO THIS..I CAN DO THIS. I hand over my music and pray to Sasha Fierce to keep my legs moving and on beat and proceed to go for broke.

Result: I KILLED IT! 32 bars in and the lead choreographer says you can stop now you have the part. I look over and my sister is smiling so hard her cheeks are about to crack. LOL. Before I can run to hug her the lead says rehearsal has already started go jump in and catch up. LOL. Reunion postponed. Time to get my Debbie Allen on!


Lesson: Facing your fears is scary. Conquering your fears…AMAZING!


Mistress of All Things Fabulous


2 Responses to “3 of 52: School Daze”

  1. Mrs. Shah January 28, 2013 at 3:01 pm #

    AHHHHH!!! Congratulations! I can’t wait! This is awesome!

  2. nualapthatsme February 9, 2013 at 12:55 am #

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you.

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