Bah Hallmark!

14 Feb

This is the first time I’ve been single on Valentine’s Day in a while. I’m not complaining, I’m just stating the facts. AND before all of you Valentine’s Day is just another day or it’s just a Hallmark Holiday or you should show your mate/partner/kid/dog you love them every day folks go on your anti-Valentines Day tirade let me just tell you that you are right. Valentine’s Day is just another day. This year it falls on Thursday and next year it falls on Friday. Hallmark sells about 144 million cards on Valentine’s Day so I’m pretty sure they are thrilled about this day too. Also, considering that you love your mate/partner/kid/dog every other day of the year you probably shouldn’t need a reminder from some greedy corporate giant. (Feel better??)

This is your heart. This is your heart of Valentine's Day. Any questions??

This is your heart. This is your heart of Valentine’s Day. Any questions??

But actually, you do need a reminder from some greedy corporate giant….

I know plenty of women who complain about their husbands refusal to buy flowers because they wilt and it’s a “waste of money”. Heaven forbid a gift “just because” I was thinking about you on Wednesday dear. I know plenty of moms who have picked up their kids one too many times and received a bad report from a teacher.  And in the place of praise, encouragement and kisses only offered discipline and disappointment. I know plenty of friends who are so used to their friend being there for every call, every emergency, every heart break, every pick me up, every time I need to share pms chocolate so I don’t feel guilty that they forget to call, visit or write and say, “Hey you’re special and I love you just because.”

The fact is you may not want a reminder but the reality is that we all need one. We all get caught up in our day-to-day life where we forget to stop and smell the 1-800-flowers. We forget to say I love you and we certainly FORGET to act like it. We forget to send ourselves flowers and treat ourselves  to a dinner for one because we deserve it. We forget to say screw the boss and their dumb deadlines  when we get home from a long day and make pizza and eat it by candle light with our kids and let them tell us all about THEIR busy day at school. WE FORGET. AND HALLMARK was nice enough to remind us.

THANK YOU HALLMARK. (Okay Anti-Valentine’s Day friends. It must be lonely there up on your high horse. Feel free to join the rest of us mere mortals).

So instead of making today about me, I made it about everyone BUT me. Instead of GRIPING like some of you poor souls about big, bad ole’ Hallmark I decided to use the day to reflect on all the love I do have in my life right now. I decided to celebrate people I may forget to celebrate as my day-to-day life moves by faster and faster with each day. Single is my relationship status but I’m far from alone. And those people who make me feel less alone were the target of my affection. Just call me Cupid!

Now I had the great idea to make cookies from scratch and deliver them to some well deserving people. And when I say me I really mean my BFF because I can’t bake. She manned the mixer and barked out answers to my silly questions. (Why does salt go into cookies? What is a leveling ingredient? SPEAK ENGLISH WOMAN!) BUT I did sift the flour and buy the ingredients and put cookies on the cookie sheet. I did my share!

Here is the special treat I delivered! OhhhhAhhhh

Here is the special treat I delivered! OhhhhAhhhh

As I delivered my handmade gift, wrapped beautifully with my little construction paper heart attached (I took it back to 3rd grade yaw’ll) I was filled with some much love and appreciation. They fact was I have 5 people who love me all year long. People who I can go to when I need a hug. People who let me cry and not feel guilty. People who will show up to my parties so I’m not the only one on the dance floor. That’s four more people than some people have. Hell, even 5 more people than some people have. Today I didn’t sulk about what I don’t have, I celebrated what I do.

So for all of my friends, family, facebook fans, twitter and instagram family, and subscribers I’d like to say thank you. Thank you for supporting me, encouraging me, listening to me, praying for me, subscribing to me, liking me, tweeting me, instagraming me, following me, liking me (FB not real and loving me. Even if I don’t tell you everyday, you have a special place in my life and I’m extremely grateful you.

My special friend Dre. He gets a special treat because he gives the BEST hugs!

My special friend Dre. He gets a special treat because he gives the BEST hugs!

Happy Hallmark Day,

The Mistress of All Things Fabulous

PS. Here is the recipe for the BEST homemade cookies in the UNIVERSE!


One Response to “Bah Hallmark!”

  1. nualapthatsme February 14, 2013 at 6:53 pm #

    Love it!!!!!!!! I have realized that I’m the initiator in most of my relationships, so I love when one of the important people in my life send me a text, call me, write me, or Facebook me just to say hi, ask how I’m doing, or tell me they the love me. I’ve always celebrated valentine’s day as a day to spread the love and to tell those or show them how much I love them. You’re right we do need a reminder. Today reminds me to remember the one who showed me true love…….JESUS!!!

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