Change Your Perspective on Change.

16 Feb

changeNothing CHANGES if NOTHING changes.

I know it’s Saturday and nobody want’s to read my long ass blog. I tried to limit this to the characters allowed on a FB status but hell..who am I kidding. I promise it’ll be short and sweet though.

So here goes.  I had an “epiphany” and I wanted to share. I have been wanting something different in my life for a VERY long time. I won’t say what (I’ll save it for next week) but suffice it to say it’s something important. It wasn’t until this year that I FINALLY start seeing things change. NOW from the outside world everything probably looks the same..but on the inside the change has been happening for a while. Slowly at first, but the longer I stayed the course the more obvious the change became.

The thing is, I HAD TO CHANGE before I could be TRUSTED with the CHANGE that I was asking for. (OOhhhh…)

NOTHING Changes if nothing CHANGES. (Read it out loud. Read it in parts. Write it out. This is powerful. I think I heard it on tv. LOL)

Sometimes, we ask for change but when it doesn’t materialize before our eyes immediately we decide what we are doing isn’t working and jump on a different path/track which is typically the one we fought to get OFF. We’re so anxious to “RECEIVE” the change because we feel that just by being alive and desiring it that we are somehow entitled to it. But we don’t take the time to “PREPARE” for it. It’s like waiting for a baby (and God knows how much responsibility that is) but not saving money, changing your life style, getting the baby’s room together, buying diapers or food or anything. WHY on earth do you think you’re pregnant for 10 months. For shits and giggles??? NO..TO PREPARE.

We call it fear and we call it confusion. In reality it’s laziness and the inability to do something uncomfortable and unknown. When you earn to function in your dysfunction at least you know how to operate day to day. How do you operate on a budget when you’re used to balling and spending whenever you want. Yea, you can’t buy a pack of skittles on credit BUT you still get to have fun! Leave a partner or friend who isn’t good for you? Heck no! They treat you like shit but you’ve grown accustomed to “their shit”. What about a new job or a  new city? How about a new body??? Wait, not junk food and you have to eat healthy AND exercise! EEK! Never mind change I’ll just keep being miserable. I don’t like it here but it sure is easy.

Nothing CHANGES if NOTHING changes. (Read. Re-read. Ponder. Commit to memory).

THE fact is, my friends, that the bull$hit our parents used to feed us is actually true. Change starts from within. And you probably won’t see it immediately. BUT if you want it bad enough, I suggest you stay the course. Or you will in fact, stay the course.


The Mistress of All Things Fabulous


One Response to “Change Your Perspective on Change.”

  1. nualapthatsme February 16, 2013 at 3:03 pm #

    Oh I so needed this today!!!!! I’m trying not to feel sorry for myself as I wipe the tears from my eyes as I read your blog. I’m tired of my stomach troubles. But, I MUST change my perspective. God knows my pain and troubles. He cries when I wail out in pain. I need to be offering up more, A LOT more PRAISE during this storm. I MUST stop bitching and moaning when the pain gets so bad I’m doubled over the toilet. There are people on their deathbeds and here I complain. God cares about my stomach troubles, but you just reaffirmed what my husband keeps saying to me I’m not going to die. God will see me through this and then I’ll need something to do other than being sick. So, I need to take this time to prepare for this future of not being sick. I’ve been working with my bff/daughter in law on a plan to lose weight. I was doing so good til Thursday. I was more focused on that plan rather than being sick. I lost my focus. But right now I’m asking you to join me in prayer that my perspective changes for REAL THIS TIME…..that I don’t lose sight of this plan to lose weight. I’ll be back to working out and doing my walk/jog on Monday. I can do this…,I can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME. I can and need to also change my perspective regarding writing. I need to do it because I had a goal to get a children’s book published this year, but I lock up with fear of rejection. I need and can to jump this hurdle. Thanks for pushing me out of my little pity party.

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