Ghost Writer for Love..and Passion.

29 Mar

Random Friday Post.

Just so you know, I love watching anything on TV that involves crime. Crimes of passion, solving crimes, committing crimes. I keep ID (Investigation Network) Channel locked in my favorites and will go on a Criminal Minds, Snapped and Who The Bleep Did I Marry bender if someone pisses me off. Actually when I lived with my ex I would purposely watch those shows for hours just to freak him out (don’t judge me). And maybe, possibly to get ideas in case he really pissed me off (he’s still breathing so don’t worry). Anyway… yesterday I was watching this show “Bones” on TNT. It’s a cheesy crime solving kinda show but I’m totally addicted. PS. I love when established shows come on cable networks. That means I can watch like 4 seasons over the course of a couple months. #score

Anyway..I digress.

So I’m watching this episode where they are trying to solve the murder of this ghost writer. Now I knew ghost writers wrote raps and novels but they write any and everything else too. From books, to letters contesting parking tickets,  letters to businesses regarding poor service…to my FAVORITE of all: LOVE LETTERS. Apparently this ghost writer was so cold that the girlfriend of a client he was writing letters to  fell in love with HIM instead of the client! (BAWSE).

*Insert Light Bulb Moment Here*

light bulb moment

Now the hustler/gogetter in me is always thinking of how I can get another stream of income. Immediately I thought, “I could totally do that!” How? I have no idea, but I know I could do it if the opportunity presented itself! Now I know I have a full time gig now, as well as a business ( and clients AND this blog. It’s not like I have a lot of time to devote to doing something else..however I have to wonder if this was a sign of something I should pursue. Hell, I freelance for companies..why not do it for people???


I one actually likes writing letters but everyone enjoys getting them. I received a letter last month  from a friend who lives out-of-state. This was the first letter I’d received in 4 years . Handwritten, stamped and sent through the good ole USPS. She wrote to encourage me and tell me how much I was loved. I literally cried real girl tears like Pinocchio after he turned into a real boy. LOL. Before that, I probably hadn’t  received a letter since I was 18 or 19 years old. Anyone can call or text or even send an email but letter writing is like a lost art form. I can imagine in a hundred years people will be studying it like they study Martial Arts. IJS

It’s no secret that I have always liked to write and have always been pretty gifted in that department. I remember when my boyfriend went away to college and I would literally write him these long, handwritten letters. They’d be more like short stories written in the style of a Zane novel or Fifty Shades of Gray. I’d start sending him these letters  a few weeks before he’d come home or before I’d go visit him. The detail would be so vivid it was literally like reading  a soft core porn script.  Needless to say that by the time I saw him we practically combusted from all the pent up…ahh…”tension”.

We just talked..for real

We just talked..for real

Guys, could you imagine receiving an erotic love letter the day before you returned from a business trip? Imagine coming in from a long day with demanding clients and coming into the hotel just to be stopped by the front desk. “Excuse me Sir but a  package arrived for you while you were out.”  You look at the envelope. It’s anonymous but you recognize the hand writing or the scent of her (or his..ijs) perfume. There is a letter, with a photo….(Aww shit nah). Or what about a mid-week surprise. Receiving a letter through the enter office mail with your partner telling you what they’d do to you then and there and how they will be waiting with their naughty secretary outfit on when you get home to act it out….(is it getting hot in here or is it just me?)

The possibilities are endless. I have a lot of friends having babies now. What about receiving a letter the day you come home from the hospital  telling you how amazing you were, what this gift meant them and how much this life altering experience changed them or touched them and will never be forgotten (attached to a little gold/diamond appreciation gift of course). I’d be like the Hitch (Will Smith movie..look it up) of letter writing.

If "bandz a make her dance"..a letter should be worth something..right?

If “bandz a make her dance”..a letter should be worth something..right?

I don’t know yaw’ll but I think I’m on to something…


The Mistress of All Things Fabulous (And Naughty)


2 Responses to “Ghost Writer for Love..and Passion.”

  1. Vaughn March 31, 2013 at 8:02 pm #

    This site is epic. I am going to put this in my bookmarks
    before I misplace the url, I don’t believe I’ll
    ever find my way back here otherwise 🙂

  2. Thehittlist March 31, 2013 at 9:25 pm #

    Epic?!?! Oh wow!! I’m beyond humbled! Thank you so much for visiting and bookmarking! Feel free to follow so you don’t miss anything! 😉

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