My visualization is manifesting! (PLEASE READ)

8 May

On January 7th I wrote a blog entry titled Confucius Says,”Visualize Your Future”. I was expounding on another blog entry I wrote about New Year’s Resolutions. It was my opinion that a person’s resolve to actually have a better life requires them to actually be someone better and do something different and not just wait for the cosmos to drop that life in their lap. One of the steps that I suggested everyone do (I wonder if anyone actually did it???) was a visualization exercise. Here was the first step:

Step One : Visualize your future. What does it look like? Who is in it? What does a regular day look like in your year of never before and beyond.

The point of the exercise was to drown out the world and the background noise and allow your heart and head to paint a picture of this newer, better future. Last night I was sitting in my new place thinking about how much my life has changed since the beginning of the year so I decided to go back and read that entry. I have to tell you. I WAS SHOCKED and it was POWERFUL! Here are some excerpts and updates:

Exhibit A : It was the end of 2013. The first thing I saw was me in house. A quaint cottage of sorts. It felt like it may have been in a quiet neighborhood. Maybe a suburb but very charming. It was nothing to small but not big either; very comfy and cozy. The kind of house that automatically made you feel at home.

Last week I moved into my new actual house! Did I tell you I’ve only lived in condos and apartments?? When I was looking for new digs, the first thing I actually thought when I walked in my now home was that it immediately felt like home. So much so that I didn’t even realize there was an extra bathroom on the main level until I signed my name on the dotted line! I was already sold and in love! The moment my feet crossed the door frame I felt like I could breathe a sigh of relief.  On top of that, it’s in the suburbs, in a quiet neighborhood and its neither small nor large. When my sister came to see it before I moved in her first words were I love’s so quaint and charming. EXACTLY like my visualization.

Exhibit B: I exit the house through the kitchen where I head to my garage. It’s not attached but hey, I don’t have one now in real life so clearly I’m progressing. LOL.

Guess who has a garage. I don’t exit through the kitchen but it is near the kitchen and it’s actually attached. My visualization actually got upgraded in reality! AND when I was house hunting it wasn’t even on my wish list!

Exhibit C: As I exit the elevator I feel a lot of positive energy. The receptionist shoots me a cheerful hello as I walk back to my office. (An office..haven’t had one of those in years!). The office appears to be one belonging to a mid-sized company. …. The people seem friendly (not simply cordial). The corporate culture feels like a good fit for me.

When I visualized my new job I hadn’t even started working yet. I had just really begun to apply for jobs. A few weeks ago out of the blue I received an email from a recruiter. She had a position she’d been trying to fill for a couple of months and the employer was being really picky. My resume just so happened to match their ideal candidates description to a T! Apparently it was dead on because the company had actually begun crafting my offer letter when I left the interview. I was hired the next day and started the next week. And what is the first thing I say when people ask me about my new job? It’s a great fit. And yes, it is a mid-sized company, though I’m still working on that office and assistant (LOL).

Exhibit D: My laptop is sitting rested on my lap and I’m writing something. Blogging? Doesn’t feel like it. Speech? Presentation? No. It feels like a book. (OKAY..I swear..this stuff is just coming to me.) I hear a rap on the door and it’s my son. He looks happy, settled..he looks like a kid with a good life. A kid that can be a kid.

Yes, I have started writing a book, and no I did not have that planned in January. One day the idea just came to me. BUT most importantly, my son LOVES our new home. He said to me our first weekend there, I never thought we’d live in a neighborhood like this. I feel so safe, like I can just explore. And in my mind I thought…yes, my kid gets to be a kid.

The year isn’t even half way done and my life has been in fast forward. It has been evolving. Change, even when good, is sometime difficult to grasp. But to see how close my life is mirroring my visualization just makes me feel that I did do the work. I am doing the work. And it’s being manifesting everyday in ways that I truly desire and have hoped for. God really is so good. Awesome even. What else can I say…Life is good.


The Mistress of All Things Fabulous

PS..if you didn’t do the visualization exercise in’s not to late! Take a crack at it. You’ll be surprised at what manifests!


2 Responses to “My visualization is manifesting! (PLEASE READ)”

  1. Renita May 8, 2013 at 1:02 pm #

    Go Getter: Decide, in advance, what you want, and go get it. I love this. Period. Wait…I love this, and you. Period. -The Mrs.

  2. TASHA JONES (@njones1920) May 8, 2013 at 1:02 pm #

    That was awesome! You have to see it, to achieve it!

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