My life as my friends see

10 May

If you’ve been on Facebook in the last few months you may have seen these cute little cartoons show up in your news feed. For me it all started a couple of months ago with the adventures of my business Pot’na (Killa K is what we call her)! Every couple of days she’d post a picture of her cartoon self  doing various activities at various degrees of total hilarity and all of our friends would go nuts. It was super cute and quite entertaining.

UNTIL OF COURSE EVERYBODY STARTED DOING IT. And became annoying. (To me anyway.) I think I was experiencing a “go against the grain” kind of moment so I just refused to participate. HOWEVER, my friends being my friends  refused to let me refuse, lol. They decided to create an avatar in my likeness and begun to make cartoons based on HOW they viewed me. Even in my annoyance, I have to say I was uber amused. However, I didn’t like the Avatar they created for me. So I created my own…and it has been none stop ever since.

So for those of you who don’t see me on FB..I compiled them and made my first and last cartoon strip. Don’t forget to READ the captions!

 Life of The Mistress of All Things Fabulous (and her Shenaniganizing Friends!)  


Apparently, I decided to bench press my client/friend Andre to prove how strong I REALLY am…lol…foolish..


This is my favorite…When I teach Cardio Kickboixing for Get Tight Get Right I always say..a few more..but everyone eventually realizes that means 100 more! (FEEL THE BURN!)


This is when I decided to make my own Avatar. Notice the irritated look..but the cuter hair and sick Avatar jacket!


Me and Killa K discussing how her BFF Andre is never getting out of her clutches…EVER!


I love chicken..but I think my Pot’na IS part CHICKEN! LOL!


I talk about more than just working out..right??? LOL!


So I told Andre that what I really wanted was a gay bff to have sleep overs and shop with…apparently he MISUNDERSTOOD what I meant…smh..

image what..I really do think that you can find away to exercise everywhere…BUT its true doe!


My friends are also


Me and my friend Ni both like scary movies..however..I think I’m more of a G than she is..but just a little bit!


Whatever..working out gives you wings..its better than Red Bull!


My friend Andre is the biggest Shenaniganizer of them all!


The Mistress of ALL Things Fabulous


One Response to “My life as my friends see”

  1. Keith Townsend May 10, 2013 at 11:17 am #

    Now, I’m entertained.

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