Mistress takes the plunge!

10 Jun

I went swimming this weekend. And by swimming I mean frolicking. And by frolicking I mean I jumped in a swimming pool fully clothed.


Yes, you read it right. I jumped in the pool fully clothed (minus my shoes).

BEFORE the plunge!

BEFORE the plunge!

Okay, let me back track a little bit. So this weekend two of my friends (they’re married) had a barbeque at their house. At some point during the festivities I was dared to jump into the pool for $40 after sunset to which I said of course! I mean, why not! After partaking in ribs, chicken, burgers and several rounds of drinks my friends forgot about this bet. I on the other hand did not.

Now who in their right mind reminds someone of a bet to jump in a frigid pool before the weather is warm enough to quickly recover? Well, I guess me. And before you ask the obvious question, YES I was drinking but NO I was not close to drunk. (Girl Scouts honor). So why jump into the pool?

Well, why not?

People are always talking about “living in the moment” and “doing the unexpected” and just “going for it”. Until of course the moment comes and they just watch it pass them by as if the moment will reappear. I’m not an impulsive person. Not in the least bit. I can overthink myself into and out of a lot of stuff. But sometimes overthinking and overanalyzing is boring. And it’s exhausting. And sometimes, the only way to know if the water is warm is to dive in head first.

I promised myself this year would be the year of never befores and that includes the summer so why the hell not. Escorted by two of my friends we made our way down to the very CLOSED pool. I even had to scale a wall (it wasn’t that tall). I’ve never been the tom boy type so that was a first for me! (I know it’s silly but I was feeling like a bawse! Jumping over walls and shit!) LOL. And while the remainder of my crew watched from the balcony cheering me on and simultaneously calling me crazy I jumped in the pool just as my boy yelled “YOLO!”

YOLO indeed my friend. YOLO indeed!

(View the video on my facebook fan page!)

Soaking wet and euphoric! After the plunge!

Soaking wet and euphoric! After the plunge!

The Adventurer,

The Mistress of All things Fabulous


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