I got the birthday bluez…

13 Jun

Growing up my birthdays always sucked. Money was almost always tight and my birthday felt more like an inconvenience rather than an event. My birthday falls on the first of the month (July 1st baby!) and that typically meant rent and every other bill fell on my birthday. Not to mention I have to share my birthday with America. The 4th of July and summer kick off parties always threatens to rob me of my special day. (Thanks Mom! Thanks America! Thanks for NOTHING! LOL) Christmas babies, I TOTALLY know how you feel! *welp*

You would think though that after 30 birthdays and 5 anniversaries of said birthday that I would be over it. After the red carpet birthday parties, the VIP suites, the hotel suites, the out of town/out of the country trips and the party buses that I would have gotten the “Party Like a Rock Star” birthday mentality out of my system. You would think right? BUT you would be thinking wrong.

Ghost of Birthdays Past!

Ghost of Birthdays Past!

Sadly enough, I am not over it. I try to get over it. Birthdays are just another day I tell myself. You don’t have to have a huge soiree to have huge fun I say. Yea, yea, yea. I do well “saying” until it comes time for the “doing” and then I crash and burn into a pile of tears, disappointment and annoyance.

Last year, I was actually hauling boxes and moving in with my now ex-fiancée. I postponed my birthday festivities in favor of having my dream wedding (that should have been taking place about four weeks from Saturday..but that’s another blog entry there). The year before, I was in school and the money and time just didn’t warrant a celebration. This year I find myself furnishing a house from scratch, getting my finances back in order and throwing a baby shower.

Birthday? What birthday? Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

But I really WANT to have time for dat. But honestly I’m stuck. I know my aunt always says, if you want your day to be special then you make it special. And with that, I’ve already start planning my 2014 Birthday (EUROPE HERE I COME!). But what about today. Honestly I’m stumped. I want to do something but I am ALL out of ideas. I have friends just waiting on the word. Friends who want to celebrate and make my day special but I honestly can’t think of anything (my mind is still thinking too big…scaling down is so not my thing).

SOOOOOO…I know I sound like a spoiled, unappreciative indulgent brat. I am well aware **sticks out tongue**. But shit, I can’t hit it out the park every time. I still have areas where I need to grow. AND yes, I know I’m lucky to even have people who want to celebrate with me. Some people don’t even have that. But today isn’t the day for me to be all mature and enlightened and shit (lol). Save your speech for a day when I’ll actually listen. Today, I just need IDEAS!

So what do you guys think? Can you help me plan my bday! Cuz my creative juices have run completely dry!


The Mistress of All Things Fabulous


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