More Graduates, NOT “ratch”uates…

24 Jun

*Note: No photos are being used in this post because I refuse to further demeans young girls, children or African Americans in can Google the images and see them for yourself *

Last week I went to an event that could only be described in one word: Ratchet.  For those that don’t know, ratchet in short means that something is ghetto as HELL. Not to sound like a total snob but the only thing I like ratchet is my music and only that can be tolerated in small doses. (Well more like any time I’m in the car longer than 5 minutes and strip clubs but I digress.)

How was this event ratchet you ask? OH, let me count the ways. First, the invitations said the event started at 5:30pm but the program said 6:00pm. Apparently, this was done purposely so that those running on CPT (Colored People Time) would actually arrive on time. This was actually pretty damn genius considering the fact that black folks are known for being compulsively late. However, for those people who arrived on time (not to mention those arriving early) sitting on wooden stadium seats in an under air conditioned room was not the way one would have liked to spend their evening.

But that was only the tip of the ratchet iceberg. Let me not forget to mention the family of Alcoholic Anonymous insurgents that decided to have a full conversation during the ENTIRE program. And their version of whispering was talking loudly so they could be heard over whomever was at the podium. Their breaths reeked of Mad Dog 20/20 and Schlitz Malt Liquor and they made their disdain for the Key Note speaker obvious by applauding when his microphone went out and cat calling “Don’t nobody wanna hear this shit” whenever there was a pause in the speech.

Btw, I was at a high school graduation.

All ratchetness aside, what bothered me the most about the ceremony I haven’t even mentioned yet. *Sigh* I wish I was done. But there’s more. Since I’ve set the stage let me dive into what really pissed me off.

#1 I’m all for short dresses, 6 inch platform heels and Brazilian Remy down to the crack of an ass. When I go to clubs or out of town I’m usually fitted in all my video vixen glory! But I’m 35 and not only do I know how to handle myself and the attention that such attire begets, I also know when and where such attire is appropriate. Hell, I wore a POLKA DOT dress with long sleeves and tights to my own college graduation! And I was 35!  What I am NOT cool with is seeing 17 & 18 year old girls parade themselves across a stage walking like sexual objects with sore feet and revealing they are a lot younger than their fake nails, eye lashes and Kim Kardashian inspired makeup suggest. I am NOT cool with the PARENTS that sit in the audience applauding saying that is my baby while the focus should be on their educational accomplishment and not how “hot” they look.

I can assure you that during high school I did many wardrobe changes after first period PE or in dimly lit doorway but never in a million years would my mother ALLOW me to wear those kind of clothes out the house WITH her permission. And she SURE in the hell was not buying them. Parents, can we please remember that these rappers and songstresses that you’re allowing your daughters to emulate are of age. Nikki Minaj is 30! The cast of Love and Hip Hop and Basketball wives are 30+ at best. These are not the role models you should allow your daughters to model their attire after. Not unless you are preparing your daughters for a lifetime of heartache from chasing Stevie J’s and trying to get “choose”. These are your daughters, not your meal tickets. Get it together.

#2 I have to admit, after over 2 hours my ratchet tank was overflowing. I wanted to get the hell outta there QUICKLY. As I made my escape I caught a glimpse of a young man celebrating with his family and in the process of opening gifts. I was momentarily enjoying the scene until I witness him pull a bottle of champagne out of his gift bag.

First off, you can’t pop bottles with Barefoot Champagne. From my recollection it’s only a twist off cap. Secondly, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING giving your son a bottle of champagne as a graduation gift?? WTF MAN! Now, I know some of you may say that he may be the first to graduate from high school in his family. THAT in and off itself is sad, and wrong. However, there is nothing that anyone could tell me that would make that act okay.

You have to be 21 years old to drink. Period. And giving a minor alcohol is not only an offence punishable by fines and jail time, but its Ir-refucking-sponsible? What kind of expectations are you setting? Get a degree and get plastered? I have friends who graduated with masters and Ph.d’s. And while I am definitely bringing a bottle of something to the celebration party, I wouldn’t dare gift them with a bottle of anything as a token of all the hard work they’ve endured to get to their  current place in life.

Parents: DO BETTER

#3 Did I mention that the theme of the graduation was “Started from the bottom now we here?” Yea, I’ll let that marinate.

Catchy as it may have been and as eloquently as the principal may have attempted to explain the true meaning behind such a phrase it reeked of inappropriateness. Granted, it’s probably one of the better worded songs out there and the message minus the usage of the N word and curse words is about having grit and determination to be successful. However, do you really want to encapsulate your children’s high school career with a line from a rapper who routinely raps about f**cking b*itches and popping bottles (see points #1 & #2).

Attending this graduation made me sad. Not only do these children, in my opinion, need protection from the world but some of them could use some protection from their parents and guardians as well. This is the generation that is going to be responsible for coming up with cures to diseases, developing technology to advance society and creating legislation to empower our nation. But I can’t see that happening if “here” in relation to the bottom is only a few quick steps (not leaps) from the starting point.

The Mistress of All Things Fabulust


2 Responses to “More Graduates, NOT “ratch”uates…”

  1. Tanya June 24, 2013 at 3:19 pm #

    Interesting and thought provoking blog. I love your writing style!

    • TheHittList June 24, 2013 at 4:34 pm #

      Thanks Tanya! ❤

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