Adventures in On-line Dating

5 Sep

A few weeks ago I had a horrific revelation. Since I’ve been single I’ve only been on 3.2 dates. And no, I don’t mean multiple dates with 3 people.  I mean only 3 dates. The .2 is for the almost date with the guy I affectionately referred to as “Catfish”.  We only talked via text and I never met him in get the gist. After canceling 3 dates I gave up and moved on.

Such has been the extent of my dating life. Somewhat nonexistent and slightly morbid.

(Feel sorry for me yet?)

Now, I’m not too sad about it. I did start a new job a couple of months ago and between boozing with my coworkers and late nights in the office I don’t have much time (or energy) to go out and meet someone new. Not like I’d know where to start anyway. On top of that I also moved 40 miles from all my friends and family so hanging out is often a challenge when I have to consider the round trip 2 hour commute to get there and return home. I can forget about having a drink.

Things I don’t have time for? A DUI!  And let’s face it; there is nothing fun about driving an hour to meet friends for a drink when you can’t actually have a drink. *welp*

So I often find myself stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place wishing that I had a life these 40 miles away from friends and family. One where I wasn’t always looking for things to do solo that won’t garner that look from strangers when they see me out by myself that says,” Look at the poor girl all alone.”

So, I decided to do what any self-respecting woman would do. I decided to join a few online dating websites. *double welp*

Now, before  you get to judging let’s get a couple of things straight.

#1 I’m happy. I have an amazing life. I absolutely love my jobs and I have hands down the best friends that I could ever possibly ask for. My family is always very supportive of anything I do and I’ve even developed an awesome friendship with my sister. However, with most of my friends having new babies and just starting their families and my family being on the other side of the city it’s easy to get a little restless and feel a little lonely.

#2 This wasn’t my idea. There is this question that people love to ask me? You guessed it..why are  you STILL single. Like I’ve been single all my life or even as if being single is a curse. I haven’t and it’s not. I’ve been single a little less than a year. Being single after leaving such a long relationship is normal and necessary. You need time to regroup, heal and analyze.  If I didn’t take time to get myself in order I would have rebounded and taken the bad from my prior relationship into a potentially good relationship and ended back up where I started off. Nowhere. So heeding the advice of a few well-intentioned friends, family members and co-workers I decided to join up to amuse them..ummm.. I mean meet someone. 🙂

Look how cute I am..I cuddle!

Look how cute I am..I cuddle!

#3 Dogs don’t cuddle.  I love my dog. He’s cute and attentive. He listens to me (most of the time). And even does this cute thing with his ears when I’m talking to him to acknowledge that he’s paying attention. But as much as I love my dog, he can’t hold my hand, usher me inside a door with his hand on the small of my back or wrap his arms around me and plant a kiss on my lips (though he’d debate me about the kiss Plus he never pays for dates.

So with all that said, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone. I could possibly meet someone special and I’m almost 100% sure that I will have some funny material to share along the way.

So stop by once a week as I share my online dating experience or social experiment…which ever this turns out to be! And if you’ve had any experience In this realm (good, bad or indifferent) I’d LOVE to hear from you!

With love,

The Mistress of All Things Fabulust


One Response to “Adventures in On-line Dating”

  1. Eb September 5, 2013 at 2:48 pm #

    Hey sis! An anonymous friend of mine loved on line dating, because each week she would go out with a different guy who always paid for dinner. There was never a love connection, but she sure was full!

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