What do men REALLY think? (Survey)

22 Nov

man thinkingFrom time to time one of my friends will ask me to blog about a particular subject. I normally stay away from blog suggestions because they become more like homework assignments than anything else. HOWEVER, the other day I got a request that was SO interesting it lead to this survey.

The question I was asked was: How should a man ask his partner for oral sex?

Yes. That was the question. Now, while I found it hilarious I understood my friends dilemma instantly. There is nothing incredibly loving about saying, “Baby, can you suck my d*ck..or cock..or whatever you refer to it as. “. There is nothing really inviting about saying,”suck it” or “suck me off” in the throws of passion. Grabbing a woman’s head and “nicely” “guiding” her to your junk may not get the desired results either.

Why? Hell I don’t know. I just know that a lot of women get offended when they are “asked” and a lot of men feel neglected because they don’t know how to ask and by default don’t get it. After all these years, men and women STILL haven’t learned how to speak the same language. SOOOOO….

That leads us here. I polled a bunch of women (via Facebook) and asked them to submit questions they wanted to know about men but were either afraid to ask OR didn’t feel they would get an honest response. From personal experience, I can honestly say that men lie not because they are liars but because they fear the response (wrath) of the woman asking the question. LOL.

I added the questions in this nice easy to understand survey. I cleaned the questions up as best as I could but you can still see/hear the hurt in some of these questions. So I’m asking you, my readers to share my survey with as many men as you can. Get me some answers so I can share my results and possibly close the communication gap between men and women..a sliver! 🙂


Click HERE to take the survey!

Thanks for your  help! (This will be FUN!)

The Mistress of All Thing Fabulust!


2 Responses to “What do men REALLY think? (Survey)”


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