Confucius Says,”Visualize Your Future”

16 Dec

Visualization is a very strong tool. After seeing EVERYTHING in my visualization exercise from last year come to fruition, I’ve decided to make this an annual exercise. I’ll be posting the outcome after the first of the year but wanted to share the older post to give you guys some inspiration and direction so you could do it with me this year! Start reflecting back on the year. What you liked, what you didn’t. Start planting a mental picture of what you want to happen in the new year. Remember, a seed only bares fruit if you plant it!

With love,
The Mistress of ALL Things Fabulust

The Hitt List

Actually, the Mistress said that. BUT Confucius is decidedly more popular and makes a better blog title. LOL! ANYWAY….

A few days ago, I posted a few questions. Read Rants, Ramblings & Resolutions  for more deets. Anywhos, I posted three questions that everyone should ask themselves if they are expecting a better new year and overall better life. I thought it would be fun and fitting to write my answers down and share it with you guys. Maybe seeing me do it will inspire someone to do it too! I have to tell you, I was TOTALLY amazed AND surprised by my visualization. You know I’m a little verbose so I’ll post them in three parts for the next few days. So without further adieu, here is Step One.

Step One: Visualize your future. What does it look like? Who is in it? What does a regular day look like in your year of…

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