Super Bowl Etiquette for Guys & Dolls

2 Feb

No need to reinvent the wheel! I know I don’t normally (and by normally I mean EVER) post on Sunday but it’s SUPER BOWL SUNDAY YA’LL! And this stuff is important. So here is a reblog of some great Super Bowl watching advice. Read it. Follow it. Get invited back next year! Oh..and GO PATRIOTS! ❤ (Yea, they aren't playing today but they're still my team! LOL!

The Hitt List

While my team is not playing this year (Tom Brady we still need to talk) I still plan on attending a Super Bowl party! Before I head out to enjoy the festivities I wanted to post a short list of Do’s and Don’t for those who are watching the game and those who are attending the game. Yes, there is a difference. What is it you ask? Well…read on and see:

Rule 1. Ladies, Do NOT show up to the Super Bowl Party dressed like this. Yes, you are fabulous and WE know it. But showing up to a Super Bowl Party in your cocktail dress is like showing up for Christmas in an Easter Bunny suit. It makes no sense. High Heels, Yes! Little Black Dress, No!

Rule No 2. Men DO have manners. Us women normally give you a wide birth for your card party’s, basketball at the bar with…

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