Introducing my Co-Writer.. Mr. B.S. Riter

10 Feb

sillhouette black man

“Men are from Mars and Woman are from Venus.”

I swear whoever came up with that line is a freaking GENIUS! No matter how intelligent or intuitive I may think I am, all of that goes out the door as soon as I THINK I have a man figured out. You dudes baffle me…and that’s probably as big an understatement as me saying I like shoes. I probably have more than 100 pair of shoes. So I freaking LOVE shoes and would have shoe babies with my favorite pairs if it were at all possible just to have MORE shoes. I say this just so you understand how much of an understatement me being baffled by men truly is. *GRRRR* Thus, knowing my own reoccurring aggravation I figured I’d help my girls out and get some answers for them (and me)!

So two months ago I had this GREAT idea to put together a survey asking men to answer a bunch of questions the women felt like they didn’t understand about men. The responses were honest, candid, funny and most of all ANONOMOUS. I figured the best way to share this information with my readers would be to have a man present it. Well, after reviewing the submissions I finally picked a co-writer to help me with the series and now I’m ready to share it with the world!

Tomorrow will mark the FIRST of 3 entries in our series and it will be presented by B. S. Riter. LOL! Yes, that is his ghostwriting name but it is nothing B.S. about what he has to say. He is going to bring the realness about money, career, love and sex from the MANS perspective. A REAL man’s perspective. SO ladies, take note and learn something..I know I am!

B.S. Riter is an American born cultural commentator, and purveyor of all things manly. A satirist by training, Riter is renowned for his big “ego,” and in spite of that odd and often painful (for the ladies) low hanging burden, he has recently found a woman with a love deep enough to withstand his masculinity in all of its amazing glory.

B.S. speaks eleven languages, holds a PhD in seven disciplines and has been recognized on three different occasions as AVN, KING Magazine, and Better Homes and Gardens, Man of the Year.

A tenured Professor of Women’s Studies at an institution of higher learning that has requested to go unnamed to protect their endowment and to shield them from lawsuits, protests and bomb threats, B.S. is also among the 52% referenced so famously by M. Romney during the 2012 Presidential Campaign albeit strange that Mr. Riter has yet to receive his letter of thanks from Romney for his inspiration, and for the gold bar that B.S. donated to Romney’s campaign.

A father of two adult children, a mentor and inspiration to millions of adult men and women, B.S. Riter has humbled himself to be a contributing author for this little “blog thingy.”


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