Dear Ex Boyfriend (s)

24 Feb

Dear Ex-boyfriend,

Hey you! Long time no talk to. It’s been a while since our break up so hearing from you caught me off guard, but I can’t honestly say it was a total surprise. Remember when I joked about if we ever broke up you’d never forget me and eventually come running! Just kidding. I’m glad you took the time to reach out to me just to “see how I was doing” so while I have a few minutes free in my busy schedule I wanted to take the time to catch you up on what’s been going on with me.

So to answer your question, yes I did finally find a job! I mean, you didn’t think I’d be off work forever did you? (wink, wink) While I did end up taking two years off of work to go back to school and finish my bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing; that degree combined with about 14 years of marketing experience has me on the fast track to pulling down 6 figures in a few years. What a sacrifice that was! Remember the days when I was struggling just to get by, running a business to bring in income and taking 6 and 7 classes per semester just to accelerate my graduation date! Man, I’m SO glad those days are over. I’m finally in a good place and not only am I thriving but I’m flourishing. But you know me, I’ve always been an ambitious, go-getter so I think we both knew this day would come. (Well, at least I did! 🙂 )

The funny thing is that now that I am not so focused on things like how I’m going to pay my gas bill, take care of my son, finish a three 10 page papers (or keep our relationship together..I kid!) I can finally focus on doing fun stuff and really enjoy my life. I’m laughing as I write this because I just thought about the time when you said I wasn’t fun and didn’t have a sense of humor. LOL! I actually believed that for a moment. (SMH) Love is a funny thing huh? Well, things have surely changed. As I’m sure you can tell.

I live my life pretty publicly these days so I’m sure you see everything I’ve been up to. To answer your questions yes, that was me dancing for Toyato’s Flash Mob at the car show in front of TENS of THOUSANDS of people. And yes, I totally snuck into that private pool and jumped in fully clothed. (Did you see the video, I think you liked it on FB). OH and I DID finally take that helicopter ride I’ve been dying to try. Guilty as charged!  Every day I feel like I’m on another adventure with my awesome band of coconspirators and fellow shenaniganizers. I must admit, I’m having a LOT of fun now!

As for if I finally found love, I can answer that with a resounding YES! After our break up, I was honestly never sure if I would ever be the same without you. I mean, I never felt for anyone the way I felt about you. And then I met someone special. More special than even you. Someone who finally saw me how God saw me. Someone who appreciated my flaws as well as my perfections. They support everything I do and they are so kind and compassionate to me. I honestly, never knew compassion like this existed. They love me in a way that I never thought I would be loved before. They’re raised the bar so high they should someone else try to come in between us they’d have a lot to contend with.

Yea, I FINALLY fell in love with me.

I guess you were right the entire time. If I just focused on me and stop worrying about everything and everyone else, everything that I ever wanted would fall into my lap. When I stopped dreaming about the life I wanted and start living the life I wanted. When I stopped looking for love and start giving myself the love I had always given to others. When I stopped believing what people said and start paying attention to what they did (actions do indeed speak louder than words) it’s as if a whole new world opened up before me. *sigh* Too bad I didn’t take your advice sooner!

Anyway, it was great to hear from you but I need to get back to work! Unfortunately I won’t be able to meet you for drinks or dinner. While it was GREAT to hear from you, I really don’t want to drum up any old feelings. These days I tend to try to minimize my time with people who don’t truly value me as a woman or person. Even though I’m sure it would be a good time, I’m looking for something a little “more” and I don’t think you’re it.

Best Regards!

The Mistress of All Thing Fabulous ❤


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