Don’t date homeless dudes…MORE dating stories!

28 Jul

I’m still collecting and sharing #yourdatingstories so if you have some good ones please send them to me at Honestly, I still do not know exactly what I’m going to do with all of them. Maybe share them in a book. Who knows..but whatever the case I NEEDS THEM PRECIOUS (in my Gollum from Lord of the Rings voice..yea I’m such a nerd I know)! Seriously though, read through the entire post to get to her “List of Things Learned”. Her #1 I will be blogging about later! 🙂 

Dinner & The Transient

This was in the 90’s. I was a mother, in college at Columbia, working at Express and a shoe store in Oak Brook and I was doing two internships; one was at the Cotton Club and another internship for a young lady who owns an event promotions company.

On this one particular night, I was hanging with some ladies from my church and we ended up at the South Loop Club on State and Balbo. That was my spot. I think I took everyone there when I was younger. Anyway, I saw this really nice looking guy when I got up to go to the bathroom. This guy was really cute and TALL. So I noticed when I walked back to my table that he was sitting with a young lady. I didn’t know the nature of their relationship but I didn’t concern myself with it either (this was my first mistake). Somehow I was able to slip him my name and my phone number, I can’t remember how I did that. Well the next day, he called me and we set up a date to go out. He didn’t have a car so I had to pick him up. When I picked him up, I realized he lived in a transient home or a group home of sorts (mistake number two).

I decided to take him back to the South Loop Club because my girl worked as a waitress there and it was just a really cool spot. So we get there and sit at my girl’s station and order a few drinks and appetizers. He excused himself a few times from the table and walked to the opposite side of the bar out of my view (mistake number three). So the third time he walked over to the opposite side he stayed over there for a long time. Twenty minutes went by and he never came back over. I walked over there and he was gone. Stuck me with the bill. No good bye. No, “this isn’t working for me”. Nothing. Never heard back from this guy. I didn’t have enough cash on me to cover the bill and I didn’t want to stick my girl with the tab. A young man, who my friend was friends with, came into the bar and she explained the situation to him. THANK GOD!!!! He paid the tab.

A few weeks/months later, I’m talking to one of my friends from church. She knew about the situation and told me that another lady that she worked with at Ameritech (at the time) also went out on a date with this man. We compared notes and he had done the same thing to her so this was his M.O. I learned a few valuable lessons that day.

1.) If a man thinks you’re worthy, he’ll approach you. Don’t be the aggressor. 

2.) If a man is with a woman, assume they’re dating before you assume they aren’t. Karma is a bitch.

3.) Take enough money to cover your tab.

4.) If a man lives in a transient hotel, you should end the date right then.

This has been by far the absolute worse date EVER!!!! You can close your mouth and stop laughing. LOL


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