My #shareacoke Story

1 Aug

Growing up with a unique name you come to grips with a couple of annoying facts about your life:

  1. People will mispronounce your name and not even ask or care if they said it right. (It’s KIM-ma not KEY-ma or KAY-mar for the record).
  2. People will make fun of their mispronunciation of your name. “HA HA..I said your name wrong” “Your name sounds like a karate move” “Can I just call you Kim, it’s so much easier to pronounce” (I’m sorry for inconveniencing you with my 6 letter, two syllable name.)
  3. You will never have a key chain, license plate or beer bottle opener with your name on.

Your name is unique. That seems to be consolation prize enough. Deal with it.

And deal with it I have. Until of course I walked into Target a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know where the hell I’ve been for the last couple of months to miss this phenom taking place but it wasn’t until I was strolling the isles of Target (pronounced Tar-zha) that I saw the #shareacoke bottles with names printed on them. The first name I saw was Michael and of course I thought it was some tribute to Michael Jackson. Maybe it was his birthday, anniversary of Thriller or something. I dunno. But then I began to see names like Luke and Jessica and the name envy that I have had my entire life from having a non-common name rose to the surface like oil in water. I WANT MY NAME ON A BOTTLE DAMN IT. This isn’t fair. So I did what I always do:

Original Post

Surprisingly enough, Coca-Cola wrote back and gave me some instructions on how to get my very own coke bottle.

Coke Response

However, they clearly did not check my name first because when I went to the  website this happened:


No Coke for me


Thanks for nothing COKE! I already know my name is beautiful. I don’t need your rejection! I even checked the Coke Tour Stops to see if I could stop by and get my very own coke bottle. I was a girl on a mission! I was like Gollum from Lord of the Ring looking for the ring! I needed my precious and I was determined to get it. Until…I checked the Coke Tour Stop and realized that getting it meant traveling 6 hours in a car. Yea. That was NOT happening. And I’m glad it didn’t because even if I went, my name still was not in their database. THERE was no way I was going to get to #shareacoke with my name on it.

And the struggle continued. Or so I thought.

Sidebar: A few months ago a young lady name Brooke started at my company. I normally do not friend co-workers on FB because, well, I’m me. They do NOT need to know me like that. BUT…I friended Brooke. She was cool and she didn’t judge me. Brooke, who also does promo work on the side cuz she’s like tall and hot, saw my desperation and un beknownst to me, went into immediate action. In her private promo FB group/network she posted this plea:


Brooke Coke HElp


After a long thread of people from all over the country posting and tagging people who they knew who may or may not be working the COKE promo event a shining light appeared:

Connect to the rescue

She even arranged to have ANOTHER friend (who doesn’t even know me) pick it up!

I got you girl

And then…the moment of truth. As I was sitting in the office telling her about the #shareacoke bottle I was scouring the burbs of Chicago looking for, for her (I mean…someone should have one right) she pops up with a Coke. For me. With my name on it.



I cried like a baby.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I FINALLY got something with my name on it. OR that someone I’ve just met went through such extreme measures to pull off a coup in the kindest of gestures imaginable just to put a smile on my face. OR if seeing total strangers ban together for something so small and probably irrelevant to them but something so poignant for me.

I don’t know what it is. But it touched me. I don’t care what the news says. I don’t care what social media says. We’re not damned. Humankind isn’t going to hell in a hand basket. Shit, I just #sharedacoke with Kimmah. We’re fucking winning!



The Mistress of All Things Fabulous

PS. I’ll post the pictures and videos on my Fan Page this afternoon! SPECIAL thanks to everyone that made this happen for me. I LOVE YOU ALL..YOU BEAUTIFUL STRANGERS.

PPS. Brooke no words. I love you. Lunch on me! ❤


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