When he has a side piece…Part III

6 Aug
1.)  What happened during your relationship that made you stray?
I can’t really pinpoint one thing.  In my mind I tried to rationalize my dipping off by blaming my GF’s actions.  “Hey, I don’t know what she’s doing when I’m not around her..”, “We’re not married…” etc.  Also, things had began to grow a little stale and mundane.  Instead of trying to keep things new and fresh with my then GF, the sidepiece would always feel different, fresh, and exciting.
2.) Why did you continue to keep your side piece after the first intimate encounter?
In short, she knew her place, and I knew mine.  It had always been clear from the start what our ‘relationship’ was, and what we were doing.  It is always broken down that she isn’t #1, so she shouldn’t expect that type of treatment.  She’s kept as long as she doesn’t bring up anything about a relationship, or spending more time together.
3.) How do you maintain a relationship with a side piece?
Lord, it wasn’t easy.  Lie my ass off to the GF.  I would always use the excuse that I’m staying overnight (which I do sometimes) at work.  I claimed to be at work on double or triple shifts and then I’d leave out of town to go visit a side piece.  Also, texting and facebook made it slightly easier.  My phone stays locked, no ring tone, no notifications, no pop-up messages while the phone locked.  Lastly, I never changed my routine at home so the GF would never become suspicious.
4.) Why didn’t you just leave your Wife/GF for your side piece?
I didn’t leave because I knew what I had at home.  The GF always represented stability.  I knew what I had and that was the thing that began to change my mindset.  I’ve had the pleasure of dating and being in relationships with incredibly tremendous women.  Women that deserved to be treated far better than what was given from me.  However, I was extremely selfish.  I figured that if I kept my side pieces a secret, that clearly demonstrated how much I cared about their feelings.  I know now that I should’ve been honest and upfront, also I am aware that I caused more damage by wasting their time, effort, and emotions.
5.) What does she give you and or do that your wife/gf won’t?
Time off.  The side piece was a release.  With the GF, as soon as you walk in we’re talking about her day,  what bills have to get paid, how I work too much…etc.  With the side piece you walk in and there is a meal cooked, your favorite beer in the fridge, sports center on the TV and condoms and a rolled blunt on the table.
6.) Did you come from a two parent house?
Yes, two parent household
7.) Are your parents divorced?
They’re still married.  42 years.  They are the one reason as to why I still believe in the institution of marriage.  You just have to be willing to work at it.
8.)Did your father/mother stray?
No.  Neither strayed.  I always get the “how do you know?” question.  I know.
9.) Did you know your fathers/mothers side piece?
10.) Were there any characteristics or behaviors that made you pick your side piece?
For some strange reason most of the women that I have strayed with have been ‘hood’ chicks.  Really ratchet type of chicks.  They usually initiate the contact.  Any GF that I’ve had was because I had to go after her, so it was always kind of a turn when a young lady expressed her attraction and what she wanted.
11.) Is there anything else you’d like to add? 
I love women.  LOVE.  I find being in a woman’s presence intoxicating.  There is nothing like great conversation, the mixing of personalities and watching it take shape and grow.  I was in a place where I couldn’t get enough interaction from a woman.  I realize the error my ways.  As stated earlier, I’ve wasted the time of truly remarkable women.
I used to think that I was so progressive in my thinking about women, women’s rights and liberties but my actions totally contradicted everything I thought.  How I treated my GF’s and/or a side piece was shameful and done with crazy disrespect.  I know now that if I had put the same effort in to keeping my relationship(s) new and fresh I’d be a happily married man by now.  However, by continuing my selfish ways I not only cheated on my significant other(s), I also cheated myself.

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