When he has a side piece…IV

7 Aug

1) What happened during your relationship that made you stray?

I strayed from my marriage honestly because my ex-wife changed.  We got married really young too. I was born and raised in church, and my pastor was my uncle so he kept pushing the issue of “living in sin” or “shacking”. There is a big difference in living with someone and being married to them.  Marriage brought about more responsibility that neither of us were prepared for.  One of the biggest changes was that she started smoking, which is a huge turn off for me!

2)  Why did you continue to keep your side piece after the first intimate encounter?

I kept my side piece around after the first indiscretion because she made me feel good.  She knew I was married, and I made the mistake of telling her everything my wife wasn’t doing.  So. I basically gave her a road map of what not to do so that our relationship seemed perfect! I guess this kind of answers #5 as well.

3)  How do you maintain a relationship with a side piece?

I was able to maintain the side piece relationship by using my job as an excuse.  I was on call 24/7 for a utility company, so coming and going at all times of the day and night and even weekends and holidays was easy.

4)  Why didn’t you just leave your Wife/GF for your side piece?

I didn’t just up and leave my wife for simple reasons.  We had children together and, at that time,  I was still in love with her. Sounds crazy right!?!

5)  What does she give you and or do that your wife/gf won’t?

See #2

6 & 7) Did you come from a two parent house? Are your parents divorced? 

My parents were and are still married.  It’s been 40 years now.  They had their problems just like most other marriages, but never divorced or even separated.

8 & 9) Did your father/mother stray? Did you know your fathers/mothers side piece?

My father did stray from the marriage, more than once and yes, I knew his side piece(s).

10)  Were there any characteristics or behaviors that made you pick your side piece?

My side piece actually picked me first.  I even said “no” for a short while before yielding to temptation! As I stated, I told her everything to NOT do, so she really had me thinking we had a real connection. Must admit though, the sex was amazing!

11)  Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’m not what I ought to be, but I thank God I’m not what I used to be!


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