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Dear Readers,

I started this blog on the guise of conducting a social experiment. I wanted to prove that good men did exist and quiet all of the neigh sayers! Well, I eventually abandoned my experiment and my blog. Not due to the experiment, but for personal reasons. It became increasingly difficult writing about the joys of finding love when my own love life was in complete shambles.n1589365573_40676_1098

As a writer I sometimes find it hard to separate myself from my writings. I tend to pour my heart into every word and sentence I write. I use my own personal triumphs and failures as anecdotes to tell stories about life lessons I think everyone should experience on some level. For a moment I felt guilty for subjecting all of you lovely people to what was going on in my own poorly landscaped backyard.

However, I found that not only was writing completely therapeutic and cathartic but you all enjoyed reading it too. You could relate to my failures. My triumphs, both big and small inspired you. Through your feedback and encouragement, I realized that there is nothing I want to do more in life than write and inspire people. Even if its just one person.

So I’m back! I hope you missed me as much as I missed you. J I look forward to writing and sharing with you my own personal exploits and life’s little (and big) adventures! I promise to keep it honest, insightful and raw.

Sincerely yours,

The Mistress of All Things Fabulous

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