Obey the longing.

6 Mar

Watching SuperSoul Sunday with Elizabeth Gilbert the author of‪#‎EatPrayLove‬ and her simple yet profound quote struck me to the core. She talked about how her desire to not be a parent had been a challenge to her for many years until talking with a friend one day. She asked her friend, who was an amazingly, happy and doting mother what she thought about her not wanting to have a child. It was perplexing because she loved children but was not in love with HAVING children.

Her friends’ response, “Motherhood is hard enough when you love it. It’s not a job for those who are ambivalent to it.”

Her take away. “Obey the longing.”

If you’re constantly finding yourself desiring something…motherhood, marriage, higher career goals…obey the longing. If you find yourself WITHOUT those desires…obey the desire NOT to follow a path that does not belong to you. When you obey your longing, you are following bread crumbs that lead to your destiny. When you don’t, you create obstacles that rob you of your peace and keep you from your destiny.

Following someones else destiny is a disservice to your soul and your calling. Following your destiny is your responsibility to yourself and humanity.

Love and Light.